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    My ideas for series 5

    January 25, 2013 by Wood1403

    So far this is what I hope happens in series 5:
    I think most people agree by now that Alex should/will be the big bad guy of the next series. He's shown his true colours, he's cheated on Jess, floored Finn, and is basically just a huge cock. I think after he gets his power, he should recruit a group of Anti-Misfits, who all have powers (maybe A list powers so that the misfits have to come up with plans how to defeat them), and who can fight against the Misfits gang and force them to both work as a team more, and use their powers more.
    Another of my ideas I'm quite fond of is the frankensteins monster idea, where a guy goes around harvesting organs so that he can either create or become a person with lots of different powers. This could be a…

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