So, let's give the fanfic/Misfits team a hand in creating powers shall we? It's just for fun, but this was originally brought on by Sadie 's power and Finn 's power and more notably the slow pace of Series 4 so far(Ep 2). In comparison, Sadie's power can be said to have traits of both Alisha 's and Rachel 's power or a branch off if you will. I'll except it seeing as how "there's a power for everything", but let's go into our imaginations and see what we find. So for starters how about:

The power to break the fourth wall.

The power to give other people temporary powers. These powers "break" after so many uses or so much time. Said person generates powers therefore making them a Seth/Storm cross.

The power to swap places with another person or object. Similar to teleportation , but not really.

The power to produce food.

A power similar to earth bending or geokinesis.

The power to moon jump or jump excessivley high.

The power to drain electricity from it's source only to reroute it or perhaps harness it.

The power to make dreams reality.

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