Here is my version of how the series 5 should go and probably possible theory for a movie. I want the gang be introduced a new character let say his name is Shane, someone who is hot head but rational one of the group, who always clash with the gang especially Alex. I want his power involve around electricity or magnetism. He got caught by police for  public urination, being drunk and for harrasing a police. I also want this series to show more of the gang's past by Shane going back the past through someone  who can time travel and we also get to learn more Abby identity in this series. I want the gang meet real A-List power people like lonely ugly guy who has illusion so he can change appearance, person who loves twilight become a werewolf or vampire, or robber who can go through wall.  I want Alex  get the power  of superhuman condition or fire manipulation, he gets along with the gang but a gets prideful  and prompted by villianious side character. I want him to go rogue and gather his own  superhuman gang to take over their city. The misfits gang must stop him and the gang, but everyone gets killed but Shane. Shane manage to defeat Alex but devasted of the aftermatch. So he's go back to the past by the time traveler and kills Alex by stopping the operation. He then meets the true villian and takes away his power because he can absorb powers and take them for himself. He forced the time traveler to send him someother time so he won't be nuisance, but since the timetraveler was a friend he send Shane back to the past to when the storm started to get his power back. I also want Finn to develop and become more mature and confident which also helps strengthen his telekinesis and becomes more closer to Jess. I want Rudy to stay as the funny man and tends to keep the group together and help strength his bond with his other self so they can tag team. I want Abby to become more intrested in Shane who in turn helped her find her real identity, So....... what you think and give me more suggestion or remove.

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