Do you guys think any of the members can come back? I mean obviously they can, but WILL they come back? This thread will have some spoilers, so don't read if you haven't seen most of the series.

Simon: He got stuck in a time loop that really fucks my head. His future self makes Alisha fall in love with him only because Alisha fell in love with him because of his other future self? Somewhere down the line, Simon went back in time without the intent of making Alisha fall in love with him right? And since the timeline changed there, why couldn't it again? Simon is probably the character that is least likely to come back, seeing as Iwan has moved on to his musical career, Game of Thrones, etc. But maybe sometime in the future? Maybe he finds a way to break the loop without dying? This is all mostly me in denial trying to think of some way he could come back, but god dammit, i want Simon back.

Curtis: So Seth really wants to resurrect his girlfriend, right? And he tries to do so. Bringing her back in a way that he might not of liked, but he brought her back. He didn't want to have her like that. But maybe he eventually finds a way to bring her back, and maybe with the help of Rudy he does. Especially since he seems the most upset about his death. Though this could be possible, it probably isn't happening. Though I wish it would.

Alisha: This all depends on what happens with Simon's time loop. If he stops Alisha from dying, he won't go back and make her fall in love with him, but if he doesn't do that, she'll die. If he does do it, he dies. It's confusing and is mainly why I don't see a comeback between these two (Simon and Alisha)

Nathan: I've heard the only reason the writer had Nathan written out was because his other projects clashed with MisFits. I seriously see a comeback from him in the near future.

Kelly: I can see how she was written out. Without much of the old cast (besides Curtis) gone, she really had no place on Misfits. But maybe if Nathan comes back, she will too. I wouldn't be too suprised if she came back.

Any ideas, predictions, or doubts about these thoughts? Discuss them in the comments pl0x.

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