Misfits superhoodie SPOILER WARNING
This page may contain plot details about upcoming episodes.
Read at your own risk.

Yes! Series 4 has begun.

Like most fans, I'm sure, my expectations were a mixture of obsessive desire and fear/disappointment stemming from the absence of all but one original cast member. Foolish perhaps to doubt that Overman would overcome this issue and give us something great.

Having seen Karla Crome in Hit & Miss I knew she would be incredible but had the, perhaps racist, concern that her character would be too close a copy of Alisha much as Rudy was for Nate (though he's certainly come into his own). Both of the newbies were enjoyable but they have shit powers and it remains to be seen how they'll contribute to the group. Good news in that Kelly is still alive so perhaps she will return once Lauren Socha does whatever is required to do so. I'm unexpectedly excited by the new probation worker. I'm not familiar with the actor (Shaun Dooley) but his insanely unpredictable line readings put me in mind of Christopher Walken. He's going to be a blast during his inevitably doomed life.

Excuse me. Now I must continue my Sunday night TV spree with The Walking Dead.

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