What are your top 5 best and worst Misfits episodes? These are mine:

Best Episodes

  1. Episode 3 (Series 2) The one with the tatoo guy and where we find out about Superhoodie. Awesome episode.
  2. Episode 6 (Series 3) The one where Rudy gets an STD and Curtis gets pregnant. Hillarious.
  3. Episode 5 (Series 1) The one where Simon kills the probation worker. Amazing and thrilling.
  4. Episode 2 (Series 1) The one when Nathan has sex with a granny. So funny.
  5. Episode 6 (Series 4) The one with the killer rabbit. Great TV.

Worst Episodes

  1. Episode 1 (Series 4) The one with the suitcase.... Abysmal...
  2. Episode 8 (Series 3) The one when Simon goes back in time. Very disapointing.
  3. Episode 7 (Series 4) The one when Alex gets his cock back. 'Boring and unfunny.
  4. Episode 5 (Series 2) The one with the gorilla and murdering dad. Not terrible, just mediocre.
  5. Episode 8 (Series 4) The one when Rudy and Nadine finally do it. Had some awesome parts, but somethings let it down big time.