So, the finale of Series 4 has arrived and how do I feel about it.... I thought it was SO bad, SO bad. Well, the first half was great, Rudy fighting for Nadine, but its the second half that really lets this episode down. Also, this episode just doesn't hold the feeling of a usual Misfits finale. Sure, last finale was not so great, but you still felt some geniue threat. This episode lacks that, as well as charm, witt and style. I feel that the four horsemen were just wasted completely. They should of been the main focus. Oh and the scene where sperm fell out of Abby's..... Horrid....

You know what? I was expecting a huge finale and what did we get? An episode filled with stupid sex gags (like the rest of this series) and a dissapointing antagonist. Well, I'm happy that we finally got a cliffhanger, but it was a crap one! I don't care about Alex, let the boring, cock hunting, Finn punching nobhead die in peace! I don't care about new powers anymore! I don't care about this new gang anymore! I don't care about Series 4 or any series that comes after it now! Let this bloody show die in peace!

In fact, rewatching series 3 episodes has actually opened my eyes a bit. Series 3 is actually SO much better than this absymal mess they like to call "Misfits: Series 4". It's time to end it, Overman, it's time to put Misfits at a stop before it goes any worse.

Episode 8 Rating: 2 BMX's out of 5

All I really want to do now is forget this series exists and remember that Misfits only consists of three series. Series 1 and 2 are amazing and even with its many faults, Series 3 is still a little above average. I've decided not be so harsh on Series 3 anymore. It's where everything started to go downhill, but I guess I forgive it now.

My next blog will be all about why I love Series 1 and 2 of Misfits so much. Thanks for reading guys and always remember, Misfits was about five teenagers on community service who got super powers and what happened to those teenagers as they lived with those powers. Now without those five in the show anymore, there's no point classing Series 4 as canon. Just a pathetic attempt to relive the magic of the orignial Misfits that failed so horribly.

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