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    What are your top 5 best and worst Misfits episodes? These are mine:

    1. Episode 3 (Series 2) The one with the tatoo guy and where we find out about Superhoodie. Awesome episode.
    2. Episode 6 (Series 3) The one where Rudy gets an STD and Curtis gets pregnant. Hillarious.
    3. Episode 5 (Series 1) The one where Simon kills the probation worker. Amazing and thrilling.
    4. Episode 2 (Series 1) The one when Nathan has sex with a granny. So funny.
    5. Episode 6 (Series 4) The one with the killer rabbit. Great TV.

    1. Episode 1 (Series 4) The one with the suitcase.... Abysmal...
    2. Episode 8 (Series 3) The one when Simon goes back in time. Very disapointing.
    3. Episode 7 (Series 4) The one when Alex gets his cock back. 'Boring and unfunny.
    4. Episode 5 (Series 2) The one with the gorill…

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  • KooKooManGuy

    Is Laura in Series 5?

    September 1, 2013 by KooKooManGuy

    Is Laura in series 5? The actor's name is in the caption of this picture:

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  • KooKooManGuy

    As I've mentioned before, I'm not a big fan of Series 4 as a whole. And the other day I was just daydreaming, walking to my friend's house and then, I had this wierd thought. What if I was given the task to rewrite Series 4? And from that I bulit loads and loads of ideas for a fourth series of Misfits. So, here it is. My version of Series 4, or in other words, What I would of done if I wrote Series 4 of Misfits.

    Series 4 has to establish a load of new characters and to be honest, there isn't much you can do with Jess, Finn, Alex and Abby. So, here is the new cast that I would introduce. Remember, I'm not ripping off the real Series 4, I've taken ideas from this series and done what I think could improve them.

    • Nadine- Nadine lives a double li…

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  • KooKooManGuy

    So, the finale of Series 4 has arrived and how do I feel about it.... I thought it was SO bad, SO bad. Well, the first half was great, Rudy fighting for Nadine, but its the second half that really lets this episode down. Also, this episode just doesn't hold the feeling of a usual Misfits finale. Sure, last finale was not so great, but you still felt some geniue threat. This episode lacks that, as well as charm, witt and style. I feel that the four horsemen were just wasted completely. They should of been the main focus. Oh and the scene where sperm fell out of Abby's..... Horrid....

    You know what? I was expecting a huge finale and what did we get? An episode filled with stupid sex gags (like the rest of this series) and a dissapointing anta…

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    Series 4 Impressions

    December 11, 2012 by KooKooManGuy

    Now after my huge dissapointment for Series 3, Series 4 was just around the corner and like many, I was very skeptic, but also very excited. I don't mind when characters leave a show, as long as new characters are brought that are just as good. And does Series 4 do this well? Hmmm well let's dive in and see.

    My big problem with the previous series is that the characters, at times, felt a little liveless and if I'm honest, a bit dull when compared to what they were in Series 1 and 2.

    • Rudy- Without a doubt, Joe Gilgun absolutely nails it as Rudy. So many times has Gilgun managed to make me laugh out loud. However, sometimes the scripts do not complement Joesph's acting abilities. Take Episode 3 for example with Psycho Rudy, there's nothing subt…

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