I know that the "Nathan" topic is a hot one considering how loved he was in season 1 and 2 and this is almost why I'm making this blog. I was wondering what would have happened if Robert Sheehan never decided to leave and if Nathan was still in. Here are some changes I think would occur.

  • He would most likely have a different power (The writer's wouldn't give him magic I don't think) but pinpointing which one he would have instead is almost impossible considering how strange the powers that the rest of them got were.
  • Would Rudy exist? I think that with the unchanging character dynamic there would be no need to add Rudy in as he was more of a replacement character. Not even as a recurring character like Nikki or Seth I think because his power is one too deep and interesting to not explore further. Unless they changed his power... But overall I don't think he would have been created. Which I guess is more of a negative point as Rudy is a great character but ah well.
  • I think that he would have also been in season 4. With Simon and Alisha being killed off and Kelly being written out (The fact that Lauren Socha left the show could not have possibly been changed by whether Robert Sheehan remained as part of the show or not) So it would actually just be Nathan and Curtis - with the addition of Finn, Jess and Alex. In this regar, I think season 4 would work well however (Same point can made with season 3) all the Rudy-centric episodes would become Nathan Centric episodes so that could possibly change the course of the plot.
  • Speaking of plot; would Nathan have a new story arch over the course of either season 3 or 4? Presumably with his relationship with Marnie and him having to cope with stepping up as a father?

Ah well. I guess we'll never know (Unless the creators tell us what they had in mind) but it's just fun to think about, huh? :P

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