So, what do all you guys think will go down in Series 5 (remember, A-list powered villains have been confirmed, plus the support group for people with crap powers) and how do you think the show will end? Wonder if we'll have cameos from any of the original gang, and will the Misfits Movie still happen? Howard Overman seems to be busy with his new show Atlantis for now. :(

The End

For some reason I can only think the show will end on a huge cliffhanger, which will be the coming of a second Storm. I guess I was so pumped for it to happen at the end of Series 4 I was kind of let down when it was a meh cliffhanger. They referenced and teased about the Storm so much leading up the final and it was all for nothing.

Think it will end on a positive note or the usual dull/depressing Misfits vibe?

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