Time Jumping
Luke time power
The ability to send someone forward or backwards through time
Inverse power

Time Jumping is the power to send someone forward and back through time. While the person sent wouldn't remember the time that passed, the user and everyone else would.

Characters Edit

  • Luke gained this power in the Storm, it then later died with him.

Usage Edit


Jess and her son.

  • Luke inferred that he'd used this power on multiple women to get them to love him, but his past attempts apparently never worked.
  • He used this ability on Jess taking her to a time where they had a child together.
  • When Jess tried to end her life Luke took her back to just before they met.

Similar Powers Edit

  • One-Way Time Travel: The ability to consciously travel back to any point in the past, however, be unable to return to the present.
  • Time Reversal - The power to move back through time and change events that had occurred.
  • Flash-Forward - The power to move forward through time.

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