Let's Get Digital

Centric character
Air date
20th November 2013
47 mins, 29 sec
Written by
Howard Overman
Directed by
Lawrence Gough

Let's Get Digital is the fifth episode of Series 5 and the 34th episode of Misfits overall.

Synopsis Edit

Rudy takes Finn to the superpower support group to help him get over Jess. But a girl with a mysterious power becomes infatuated with Finn and goes to extreme lengths to be with him.

Rudy, meanwhile, tries to quash his own growing attraction to Jess, but that doesn't quite work.

The gang help Rudy's alter ego to find Helen, the mysterious electrician who saved his life.

Cast Edit

Powers Edit

Trivia Edit

  • Michael Winder is listed in the closing credits, however, Sam is not seen in the episode at all.

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