Reality Warping
VegasBaby! Magic Power
Distort the reality at will in order to create and manipulate whatever the user wants to.
Inverse power

Reality Warping is the ability to create and manipulate whatever the user desires by warping the reality.


  • Nathan is the only character to have displayed this ability, though it's known that this power used to belong to someone else, since Nathan bought it from Seth.


Nathan uses this several times,he first uses it to make a rose to appear out of nowhere, then make a chip appear in Marnie's vagina. Nathan mostly uses this ability to change the numbers on the dice to scam the casinos, unfortunately he makes a seven on a dice (A number that doesn't exist on a regular dice). He is then chased by security, and as a distraction, pulls a rabbit out of his anus (Which seemed to be quite painful). Nathan can change things, and make things appear out of thin air, he seems to have very good control over the power.

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