Power reversal is the process that occurs when a person with an ability is under the influence of drugs, specifically ecstasy.


When a person with an ability takes ecstasy their power is reversed. This means for a temporary period of time while the drug is in their system they develop a new power that is almost always the opposite of their current power or at least far removed from their normal power. The process affects everyone with a superpower but only lasts for as long as the effects of the drug lasts. After the drug leaves their system their normal power returns.

Notable ExamplesEdit

Person Normal ability Reversed ability


  • The extended ability of Mediumship was discovered after the original abilities were reversed and then returned to normal.
  • This process didn't just change what powers did, but could also change how they functioned. This is demonstrated by how Jess' Blindness remained in a passive state until the drugs wore off, despite her power of X-ray Vision being consciously activated. Alex could also remove only one power from someone at a time, but could grant all the powers he removed into one person when his power was reversed.

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