Mind Control
The ability to make a person do whatever the user wishes so long as a mutual, sexual grounding exists.
Inverse power

Mind Control is the power to make a person do anything that you command them too.

Sadie seemed to have a weak form of mind control that only worked on Finn (her boyfriend). It could be her power only worked on people she had a strong intimate relationship with or just Finn specifically, since she couldn't seem to use her power to control anyone else. Sadie used her power on Finn to the point where he could never leave the house due to constantly being controlled by her. Eventually, he managed to tie her up to their bed and gag her so she could not use the power on him.

Finn kept Sadie there for quite a long period of time, regularly talking to her, feeding her and helping her go to the bathroom. Eventually, Finn is discovered when Rudy moves into his flat and often hears him talking to what he believes is a talking dog. When leaving for community service one day, Other Rudy stays in the flat and breaks down the door to the bedroom where Sadie is being held captive. She escapes, but later returns and she and Finn attempt to repair their relationship.

She quickly begins using her power on Finn to manipulate him again, however, Jess uses the aid of Seth to forcefully take Sadie's power from her. 


  • Sadie has been the only person to display this power.

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