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Michael was a man who stole a briefcase full of money with some guys he "used to run with". After stealing the case, he decided he wanted the money to himself, so he stabbed one of the other guys and ran away with it, when he was then hit by The Storm, and given the power of Violent Obsession.

He flees to the Community centre, as he thinks people are chasing him for the money. Rudy, Curtis and Seth find him. When Michael touches them, a green wave spreads over them and they are affected by his power. They suddenly become desperate to retrieve the money from the suitcase. They all try to get it for themselves, even going as far as to cut off Michael's hand to take away the suitcase.

Eventually, Michael is thrown into the freezer with Jess and Finn, and his power affects them too. When Rudy opens the freezer once more, the escape and Finn snatches the briefcase and runs to the roof. They are all encircling him, while Michael plunges for the case but falls to the ground, hits his head on the steps and dies. The suitcase opens as it hits the ground and the money within it scatters everywhere. As Michael is now dead, his power wears off the group.

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