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Matthew "Matt" lived next door to Simon and was also friends with Simon during primary school, but began bullying him during secondary school, Simon claimed that his parents and teachers were aware of what was happening but chose not to do anything about the matter.

After finishing secondary school, Simon received a text message from Matt to meet him at a club, but when Simon arrives, he is humilated when he discovers that Matt had texted him by mistake. Simon later became really drunk and tried to burn Matt's house down, but Simon puts out the fire before any significant damage is made; the attempted arson of Matt's house was the reason behind Simon receiving community service throughout Series One and Two.

Roughly halfway through Simon's community service, Matt takes notice of Simon on a date with Sally, an older woman. Simon and Sally subsequently give Matt "something to talk about" by leaving the bar whilst holding hands, which Matt looks at in disbelief. Matt is not seen or mentioned again.