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Keith was the scout leader in Wertham and possessed the power of Satanic Conversion. This allowed him to turn all of his scouts into Agents of Satan.

One of the scouts (Lucy) attempts to convert Finn into an Agent by seducing him and luring him into the main hall of the community centre, where the other scouts and Keith gang up on him. Finn manages to escape by using his Telekinesis, but Keith later corners him in the community centre toilets.

Finn attempts to use his power to save himself again, hoping to throw a fire extinguisher at Keith, but only manages to throw a bar of soap instead. Keith mocks him and begins to walk towards him, but slips on the soap and smashes the back of his head on the ground. Before dying, Keith transfers his power into Finn by releasing a swarm of small insects from his mouth.


  • Satanic Conversion which he may have gained in the storm or been transferred it like he did to Finn before his death.

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