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Darren was Jodi's boyfriend. They were in a relationship until Darren started to feel uncomfortable around Jodi because of her alopecia. He subsequently splits up with her. Following Jodi acquiring her alopecia projection in the storm, she causes others she feels anger or hatred towards to lose all their hair for a few days. This means that whenever Jodi saw Darren, he would lose all his hair, because of the hatred she feels towards him following their break-up. Darren realises that he has lost his hair because of Jodie and decides to confront her, failing to realise that this only causes him to lose his hair again. Darren is seen banging on the door of Jodi's flat in his anger at what she has done to him. When Kelly, who has also been a victim of this power, sees this, she realises that Jodi has caused her alopecia. This results in Kelly confronting Jodie but ultimately reconciling with her.