Body Part Swapping
The user can swap parts of their body with someone else by touching them
Inverse power

Body Part Swapping is the power to swap any part of the user's body with a part of someone else's body, but only through touching them.


  • James recieved this power in the Storm, and used it to steal Alex's penis as he wanted to be a man.


Alex explains that his penis was swapped for a vagina upon an unknown transgender man touching him. Since then, Alex has been trying to hunt down the personwho stole it, using a private investigator (Mark) to track down any potential suspects. Mark finally tracks down the culprit, named James, for Alex, who gained a penis without any surgery or explanation.

Alex hunts down James to a local karaoke bar, and threatens to shoot him unless he gives him his penis back. He refuses and threatens to cut off Alex's penis with a broken beer bottle, prompting Alex to contemplate suicide, as he is sick of feeling like a freak. He feels for him, and swaps their genitals again by simply touching Alex's crotch. 

Similar PowersEdit

  • Body Swap: the ability to swap entire bodies with another.

Trivia Edit

  • The power has only been seen being used on genitals, but it is possible it works with any part of the body.