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Beverly Morgan is the manager of a bowling alley. One night, he confronts Nathan after witnessing him steal some Pick 'N' Mix. Nathan mocks his name and asks Beverly if he was born with both sets of genitalia. Beverly wrestles Nathan to the ground and calls for backup over his radio, but Nathan grabs it and yells, for the entire bowling alley to hear, that he is "being assaulted by a chick with a dick!"

Later, while in Beverly's office, Nathan again antagonises him by going back and forth on whether or not he wants Beverly to call the police. After a minor fuss, he surrenders his credit card, only for Beverly to angrily return after finding out it's expired. Nathan calls his mum, Louise, but she is in Spain and sends Mike, Nathan's father, instead. Rather than accept his dad's charity, Nathan sends him away and Beverly calls the police. However, Beverly mocks Nathan's relationship with his father, and Nathan shoots a staple into the back of his hand.